Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Final Update

All of the Emperor Edition environment tournaments are in the bag, and it looks like we have all the data we’re going to get, so the will be the final EE environment stat update unless the Brisbane Kotei data shows up (or any data on some of the pre-Kotei EE tournaments).

Many players, having fixated on early Crab/Dragon Kotei wins, consider those clans the most successful in this environment, but both slowed down on wins as the season wore on, and Lion ended only slightly behind, with a much better make the cut rate than Dragon – I would give them the nod for second-best-performing Clan in this environment.

Spider also passed Crane to slide into last place at making the cut (and at winning events), as Crane players stopped attending Kotei (possibly as a result of Den scaring honor decks) at the same time that Crane started doing a bit better (including Winner picking up two Kotei with his Den-packing Aerie deck).

Emperor Edition Environment
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutChi-Squared Standardised Residual

Make the Cut ranks
1) Crab – 28%
2) Lion – 25%
3) Phoenix – 22%
4) Mantis – 22%
5) Dragon – 22%
6) Scorpion – 21%
7) Unicorn – 19%
8 ) Crane – 15%
9) Spider – 13%

2 thoughts on “Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Final Update

  1. Methinks number 8 at the bottom of your post should be Crane. I think it might be interesting to see who is winning the larger Kotei. I might be a bit of an elitist, but I think large kotei are better representations of the environment than small ones.

    1. Of course the results of a 100-player Kotei are worth more than the results of a 20-player Kotei. That’s incorporated into the “make the cut” figures in that a 100-player Kotei produces 5 times as many data points.

      I do have the data in a form where I could break results out by tournament size, or by factors like location (e.g., US v. Europe v. otherwise for environment), but that takes, well, time and energy.

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