Kotei 2012/Embers of War Meta-Game Update #2

There were three more Kotei this weekend (the winner from the Anchorage Kotei is not included because, as I type this, that tournament is still playing its T4), plus we’ve been able to add in the results from the Philippines Kotei last weekend.

Let me get a jump on you Unaligned fans out there and note that I am note unaware of TFT’s strong performance so far. But I’m not going to mess with the chi-square stuff right now.

You are reading that bold Crab number correctly – even with this relatively small sample size, their make the cut rate is statistically significant.

Embers of War Environment
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutChi-Squared Standardised Residual

Make the Cut ranks
1) Crab – 32%
1a) Unaligned – 30%
2) Unicorn – 29%
3) Spider – 19%
4) Mantis – 19%
5) Dragon – 18%
6) Lion – 17%
7) Crane – 16%
8 ) Scorpion – 13%
9) Phoenix – 10%

P.S. I am departing for a vacation sort of thing on Tuesday of this week, and since I’ll be out of town next weekend, I don’t anticipate bothering to collect the data for next weekend during next weekend. So next week’s update will probably be delayed until Wednesday or Thursday. Other updates to the website should still occur as “normal.”

2 thoughts on “Kotei 2012/Embers of War Meta-Game Update #2

  1. I need to go give unicorn some more time and consideration. I always like building unicorn decks but I’m rarely inspired too.

    I’m happy to see the evil ones get a little show time, well see if that can hold out or is a flash in the pan.

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