Emperor Edition Starter Deck Box Preview

And now, we see what happens when toddlers get their hands on upcoming L5R product . . .

The booster box of Emperor Edition was just right . . .
. . . but who needs just right when you've got massive?

No toddlers’ legs were crushed in the making of this post.  But, seriously, the Emperor Edition starter deck boxes are pretty hefty, and are packaged like they were a board game:

The Empress wants you . . . to make sure not to hurt your back when lifting this box.
Because awesome blind Tsukimi is awesome!

The starter deck box even has those fancy icons with information on play time, number of players, and so forth:

They're putting that "get done in 45 minutes or it's a double loss" thing right onto the box.

Of course, you might want to actually open that pretty starter box when you get your hands on it.  And what might you find inside?


They aren't in alphabetical order. What is the world coming to?

And, should you happen to want to look at the individual starter decks, or what’s inside those . . .

. . . then you’ll have to wait until I bust things open and take more blurry pictures this weekend.

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