Celestial Arc Meta-Game Update (sort of)

Now that CE has come to an end and, to all appearances, my data influx has as well, it might be interesting to look at the meta-game data for CE as a whole. Well, the Harbinger-and-later part of CE, anyway (there was some data at some point for that first half-year, but it wasn’t online, and there was this bit with my hard disk bricking . . . le sigh). As usual, more full data will be available on our forums.

The first bit of data here is the usual “make the cut %,” except for all of CE (starting with The Harbinger, which is basically Kotei 2010):

1) Lion – 19.03%
2) Crab – 17.72%
3) Dragon – 17.16%
4) Crane – 16.64%
5) Mantis – 16.19%
6) Spider – 14.13%
7) Unicorn – 14.06%
8 ) Phoenix – 13.25%
9) Scorpion – 12.45%

Now, the above data can be a bit misleading if you’re looking for more of a sense of how different clans were in power level overall during the arc. Some environments have many more tournaments than others (such as Kotei season environments) and, as a result, the strength or weakenss of a clan in those environments can get substantially more weight. So the data above may give an accurate sense of what opportunity a Clan may have had in tournaments overall, it does not give a good sense of how a it may have felt for a clan playerbase throughout the arc, where (for example) a decent kotei season probably doesn’t compensate for a lousy rest of the year.

So, the “make the cut %” taken by environment might be more helpful – instead of adding all the data together, I’ll just take the results from each environment on its own, and then average the seven environments together (for these purposes, I am breaking environments down by major set releases; an environment is not broken up based on issuance of errata):

1) Crane – 17.99%
2) Crab – 17.52%
3) Dragon – 17.25%
4) Lion – 17.24%
5) Mantis – 16.27%
6) Unicorn – 15.49%
7) Spider – 14.48%
8 ) Phoenix – 14.36%
9) Scorpion – 13.28%

You can, of course, look forward to more of this sort of thing for Epmeror Edition. Although hopefully I won’t lose the data for the first six months of that (much less likely now that Nicolas posts the clan breakdowns for almost all storyline tournaments). Since we’re still early in the data collection, now is the time if you think there’s some breakdown of the data that you’d like to see that we haven’t been doing – it’s not too difficult to break it down more when I’m collecting it, but it’s a real pain to split it back out later on.

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