Strange Assembly Capital Improvement Drive

Q: Why is this post in the form of a Q&A?
A: Because I read about Joyce using it in Ulysses, and the idea amused me.

Q: You read about Joyce using it? As opposed to just reading Ulysses?
A: Of course I haven’t read Ulysses. Have you ever opened it? Do I sound like I have a Masters in English Lit? I have a life to live and/or waste on gaming, thanks.

Q: OK, OK, enough of that. Let’s ask a real question. Did you notice that you put a Donate button up on your Contact Us page?
A: Yes.

Q: And?
A: So now people can donate to support Strange Assembly.

Q: What would possses them to do that?
A: How would I know?

Q: You must have thought people would want to donate, or else you wouldn’t have put a button up.
A: That’s not a question.

Q: Jerk. Why did you think that people would care about a Donate button?
A: Because, after my random comment on Episode 022 about how if we had just small donations from our listeners we could buy better equipment, there were people who said they might like to donate.

Q: You know, I noticed that this really isn’t that much of an homage to Joyce. The Q&A in Ulysses are unknown persons. You’re clearly speaking from a specific, known point of view. Also, my questions and your answers aren’t nearly as long.
A: That also isn’t a question. Plus, shut up and leave me to my faux-cleverness.

Q: So what sort of equipment might you buy with this donated money?
A: An audio interface like this one and some mics like these. This should give us greatly enhanced sound quality, while still maintaining the ability to take the podcast on the road (a full set of standard mics with shock stands would not be very portable).

Q: In that episode you also mentioned sponsors. You getting any of those?
A: Probably. We’re working on it.

Q: When L5Rchives did their fundraiser, they brought in too much money, and then didn’t know what to do with it. What will you do if your listeners (plus any sponsorship) brings in too much money?
A: There’s such a thing as too much money?

Q: Who is named “Q” here? I’ll ask the questions, thanks. What if you bring in more money than the equipment costs?
A: You know they had people donate stuff to auction to bring in that much, right?

Q: You asked another question. And you still didn’t answer.
A: Additional funds could be used for ongoing Strange Assembly expenses such as web hosting and domain registration. Funds could also be used to help defray the cost of travel expenses to events like GenCon.

Q: What if you bring in even more than that?
A: Do you know how much just one GenCon costs? If more than that comes in, I’m selling the joint and retiring to Fiji.

Q: Where was that Donate button again?
A: On the Contact Us page. Or just click here:

Q: What if someone tries it and the button doesn’t work?
A: Then, one would hope, they would let me know.

Q: Any last thoughts?
A: Other than an obvious thanks in advance to anyone who appreciates Strange Assembly enough to help support it? No, I’m good.

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