Solving the Riddle 2011 Update

There’s one weekend left in Solving the Riddle 2011 (well, through the end of October; so a weekend and a day, technically)! It’s your chance to donate to a great cause and force everyone on Strange Assembly to play the Clan of your choice at our next storyline tournaments. The current estimated standings are:

Ratling – $2444
Crab – $470
Mantis – $180
Phoenix – $120
Crane – $50

That’s right, Clans of Rokugan – you’re getting beat out by a faction that doesn’t exist anymore!

Just remember that the “Donate” button on the Strange Assembly website is to support the podcast and site, not the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Contact me directly to see how to donate to the charity through Solving the Riddle.

6 thoughts on “Solving the Riddle 2011 Update

  1. We will have to play Ratlings (more specifically, Br’nn and Rus’tik’tik) at whatever the next event is at which they will be legal, presumably an Extended/Open War of Honor event or a Legacy tournament.

    1. Does it count as playing Ratlings if you put 3 Br’nn and Rus’tik’tik in a Crane deck? Because I think that totally sounds like a great plan. Ratlings win. The Crane win. Everyone wins, really. 🙂

  2. Yes, the actual terms requested by Br’nn were that we play Br’nn and Rus’tik’tik the next time they were legal (the supposition being that EE was going to hit in November, and so there would be no more chances at CE). Now that CE will be lasting longer, that could come much sooner, although the southeastern U.S. is mostly done for the year as far as storyline events go, so it will depend on whether anyone is traveling.

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