Sneaky Sneaky: Kotei Atlanta Top Scorpion (T8)

We got permission to put up the Top Scorpion deck from the Atlanta Kotei. Tyson led the swarm of Scorpion Ninja decks that showed up, and made the T8 before losing to Trevor’s undefeated Lion in his elims match. Tyson was the only losing player in the T8 to actually pick up a game win, handing Trevor his first loss of the day.

Tyson Watkins No Such Thing As (Ninja)

Hidden Moon Dojo


Oyo Seido x3
Geisha House x3
Diamond Mine x3
Counting House
Traveling Peddler
Expendable Resources

Senseki Province
Bayushi’s Guidance
Crossing the Forbidden Sea
Military Alliance
Alter History

Shosuro Takuma x3
Shosuro Shigemasa x3
Shosuro Nishu x3
Bayushi Keirei x3
Bayushi Arashii x3
Bayushi Suboru x3
Takahara x2
Bayushi Muhito xp2
Yogo Rieko xp
Bayushi Tsubaki


Shadow Plays x3
Silent Rot x3
Shuriken and Smoke x3
Knife in the Darkness x3
Strike from the Shadows x3
Mysterious Ailment x3
Hidden in the Shadows x2
Dramatic Assasination x2
Black Hearts, Red Blades x2
The Direct Approach x2
The Height of Courage x2
Ultimate Sacrifice

Midnight Shadows x3
Flawless Assassin x3
Night Watchers x2

Ring of the Void

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