Second City Meta-Game Update #6

With the Jade Championships and one of the two Level 10 tournaments from last weekend added in, there’s technically a new first place at ability to put players into the cut. That is of little actual impact, however, as the distance between Dragon, Crane, and Mantis remains statistically insignificant (and if you actually want to win after making the cut, Crane has been the best bet, with Mantis to be avoided).

Indeed, there has been relatively little movement during the Second City environment. Clans have moved up and down (with the biggest mover being Mantis dropping from its initial 29% rate), but things have been pretty consistent, with Crane/Dragon/Mantis in the first three spots, Scorpion/Lion/Crab in the next three, Unicorn in 7th, and Spider/Phoenix bringing up the rear.

Make the Cut Rate
1) Dragon – 23.58%
2) Mantis – 23.36%
3) Crane – 22.22%
4) Crab – 17.89%
5) Lion – 17.50%
6) Scorpion – 16.98%
7) Unicorn – 14.40%
8 ) Phoenix – 12.30%
9) Spider – 10.14%

Average rate per clan of making the cut has ben 17.60%. The spread of the clans has reduced somewhat over the course of the environment, so it now looks like there’s a little more balance than had first appeared.

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