Second City Decklists – Update #4

Thanks to the TO for posting up these decklists

Continuing to keep you up to date with the L5R meta-game (or parts of it, anyway), here are the T4 decks from the Amethyst Championships:

CoT Military – Oscar Cooper – Amethyst Champs Winner

City of Tears
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


1x Shiba’s Guidance

1x A Tranquil Mind
1x Festival of Drifting Souls
1x Festival of Founding
1x Harsh Choices
1x Imperial Ambassadorship
1x The Loss of the Soul
1x Wisdom Gained

2x Private Shrine

1x Counting House
2x Wooden Barricade
3x Silver Mine
3x War Encampment

3x Agasha Ueda
1x Asako Bairei xp4
1x Asako Chukage
3x Asako Hoshimi
3x Isawa Mariko
1x Isawa Mizuhiko xp
3x Isawa Mizuhiko
3x Isawa Shioki
3x Isawa Toshio

FATE (40):

2x Obfuscation
3x Chasing Osano-wo
2x Height of Courage
2x Changing Paths
3x Superior Mobility
2x Skipping the Puddle
1x A Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
2x Determined Force

1x Armor of the Ryu
1x Rekai’s Yumi
1x Heavenly Yari of the Phoenix
1x Talisman of Yomi

1x Katana of Fire
1x Might of the Kami
1x In Aikune’s Name
1x Breath of the Dragon
2x Grooves of Stone
3x Consumed by Five Fires
3x Scouring Flood
3x Servitors of Stone

1x Ring of Air
1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of Water


AV Magistrates – Alex Demian – Amethyst Champs T2

Aramasu’s Vigilance
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters


1x Yoritomo’s Guidance
1x Emma-o’s Guidance

1x Imperial Census
1x Crossing the Forbidden Sea

1x The Second City

3x Kobune Port
2x Wooden Barricade
2x Rich Coffers
3x Offices of the Emerald Magistrates
2x Magistrate’s Stipend
1x Stolen Merchandise
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Shrine to Yoritomo

1x Yoritomo Singh
1x Yoritomo Utemaro
1x Yoritomo Sachina
1x Yoritomo Cihiko xp
1x Tsuruchi Mochisa
1x Tsuruchi Gidayu
3x Yoritomo Mauzo
3x Yoritomo Tatsuhiro
3x Tsuruchi Sanjo
3x Tsuruchi Nobumatsu
3x Yoritomo Thao

FATE (42):

3x Laying in Wait
3x Rain of Justice
3x Enticement
3x Unwavering Assault
3x Ambush
3x Southern Blockade
3x Economic Repercussion
3x A Stain Cleansed
2x Broken Alliance
1x Creating Order
1x A Game of Dice
1x The Thriving Light
1x Fearless Defense
1x Unfortunate Incident
1x Fury of the Dark Lord

1x Black Pearl
3x Wyrmbone Katana
3x Modifications
2x Cursed Relic

1x Ring of Water


TKM Magistrates – Diego Vergara – Amethyst Champs T4

Tetsu Kama Mura
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


1x Saibanka’s Justice

1x Minor Blackmail
1x Successful Bounty

1x The Second City

3x Magistrate’s Stipend
3x Gold Mine
3x Recruitment Officer
2x Acrobat Troupe
1x Counting House
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Expendable Resources

2x Kitsuki Yodo
3x Bayushi Jutsushi
1x Otomo Seimi
2x Kitsuki Bokuko
3x Kitsuki Nubane
1x Yogo Kazunori
1x Togashi Satsu
3x Kitsuki Fujimura
1x Daigotsu Oki
2x Kitsuki Suiha
3x Kitsuki Yukari

FATE (41):

3x Discovering a Conspiracy
2x Restoring Order
3x Writ of Reprimand
2x Favors
1x Insulting Gesture
3x Taxing the Scum
3x Game of Sincerity
2x Infamous Strike
2x Rain of Justice
1x Relentless Conviction
3x Shameful and Cowardly
2x Entrenched Position
3x Words Have Strength
3x Pull the String
2x Scouting Far Afield
2x Veiled Menace
1x A Game of Dice
1x Proper Deference

1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of the Void


AV Swarm – Pablo Palacios – Amethyst Champs T4

Aramasu’s Vigilance
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters


1x Yoritomo’s Guidance

3x Private Shrine

3x Traveling Peddler

3x Sakarah
3x En’you
3x Yoritomo Iwata
3x Tsuruchi Omori
3x Pokupo
1x Chicara xp
1x Yoritomo Utemaro
1x Yoritomo Saburo xp
3x Yoritomo Kaemon
3x Yoritomo Chiako
3x Yoritomo Sabura
3x Tsuruchi Suzuki
3x Yoritomo Eiya

FATE (40):

1x Ultimate Sacrifice
2x Scouting Far Afield
3x Know Their Minds
3x Brawl
2x Dangerous Reconnaissance
3x Strategic Strike
3x Shameful and Cowardly
2x Fury of a Mob
3x Settling the Homeless
3x Basic Lesson
3x Unfamiliar Ground
3x Final Duty
3x Border Ambush
3x Rout
3x Reckless Rush

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