Lack of Vigilance: Sanity Prevails

During Episode 019 (Dead From Winter), the second half of the Strange Assembly Dead of Winter review, the cast raised the possibility of people being jerks about someone being less than perfectly precise in declaring a card name when resolving Lack of Vigilance. For example, a player naming “Sneak” instead of “Sneak Attack,” and then the opponent insisting that this did not prevent him from playing Sneak Attack. Strange Assembly were not the only ones to notice this, and quite a few pages of opinion ensued. In Episode 019, we came to the conclusion that, so long as the intent of the player was clear, it was not a problem if the precise card title was not named. So, as you might imagine, it was a little surprising to see a number of players asserting that the rules required absolute precision – if you even left off a “the” from the start of a card’s title, you were hosed. Fortunately, reigning czar of L5R Nicolas Bongiu clarified things, and it turns out Strange Assembly had the right of it. Since we’re running a Kotei in a little over a week, it’s nice to see that we won’t have to support a player deciding to be a jerk about Lack of Vigilance.

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