Kotei Meta-Game: Week 13 Wrap-Up

Well, most of the meta-game, anyway. We’re still missing the numbers needed to include the Argentina Kotei from last weekend. Not much new this time. The biggest gainers have been Unicorn, who have (for now) elevated themselves above the morass that has been the bottom four in Make the Cut %. Spider haven’t won any more, which I would speculate has to do with the increased portion of Scorpion players running dishonor instead of Ninja, after the increased scrutiny that Breeder received after calls for banning and after Flores posted his “dishonor burn” deck. Not that the data below has that sort of information.

1) Lion – 19.85%
2) Crab – 19.64%
3) Spider – 17.03%
4) Mantis – 15.81%
5) Crane – 15.03%
6) Unicorn – 13.64%
7) Scorpion – 11.54%
8 ) Dragon 11.29%
9) Phoenix – 10.89%

You can find additional detail on our forums.

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