Emperor Edition Preview – Blade of Perfection

The fifth (and final) Emperor Edition preview for today is Blade of Perfection, a relic of past misguided Kensai design. Kensai have historically been awful without Weapons – so this Weapon can come back into play. And historically a lot of Kensai actions have required bowing a Weapon – so this Weapon straightens itself. So you end up with a Weapon that, on its own, doesn’t do much, but that helps fill in the holes in your other overly-restrictive cards. When you have to play cards that are sub-par in a vacuum just to make your other cards decent instead of bad, it’s a recipe for deck disaster. I hope Kensai in EE never have to use Blade of Perfection.

Blade of Perfection

Was that a bit harsh on poor little Blade of Perfection? Maybe so. Still true though.

4 thoughts on “Emperor Edition Preview – Blade of Perfection

  1. Bit mean to poor old BoP there! I prefer to see it as a solid weapon statline that has a naughty little bubble against weapon destruction, AND it mitigates the cost of the personality attached to it getting smoked by a champion or some dishonour kill action or some such. The ability to infinitely pay for every kind of weapon bowing effect is just gravy!

  2. I dunno, I love my blade of perfection. The real thing I’m going to miss is Tamori Kuroko. So beautiful. So pure. So… many… weapons. I dunno how my Kensai deck is going to function without her.

  3. I’m got to mostly agree with Chris here. While I think he’s slightly overstating how bad this weapon is, Kensai will be in a bad place in EE if they have to rely on weapons which automatically straighten themselves and come back from the dead to make sure the personalities stay functional.

  4. With Nightengale Blade, Cursed Relic, Modifications, Wyrmbone Katana, Satoshi’s Dual War Fans, and Blade of Champions where would you find the room for this?

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