Broken Valentine – Atlanta Kotei Top Lion

Our Trevor Valentine, you may recall, has this thing where he hates the Lion. And talks trash about them. And considers them such a blight on the story that he’d never read about them at all, rather than read about them being destroyed.

Then he played Lion at the Atlanta Kotei, and went undefeated in swiss before losing in the T4. A day that will live in Strange Assembly infamy.

There’s nothing like selling out and falling short anyway.

The Bitter Shadow of Shame

Great Hall of Records


Akodo’s Guidance
Alter History
Imperial Census

Traveling Peddler
Chugo Seido
Debt Collector x 3
Famous Bazaar x 3
Barley Farm x 3
Copper Mine x 3

Akogo Ryozo
Matsu Fumio xp
Mastu Kenji
Ikoma Haigo xp
Matsu Benika
Akodo Seiichi xp
Akodo Shunori xp
Akodo Kurogane
Akodo Shigetoshi
Mastu Kasei x 3
Akodo Senichi x 3
Akodo Kusamoto x 2
Ikoma Satoru x 2
Ikoma Haigo x 2
Akodo Raemon x 2


Shameful and Cowardly x 3
Kami Unleashed x 3
Claw and Shell x 3
Outer Walls x 3
Perfect Aim x 3
Final Duty x 3
The Cost of Pride x 3
Rout x 3
Unfamiliar Ground x 2
Shattered the Line x 2
Beloved of the Clan x 2
My Life is Yours x 2
The Height of Courage x 2
Justly Earned Victory x 2
Caught Unawares
Ultimate Sacrifice
Incredible Resilience

Ring of Water
Ring of the Void

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