Atlanta Kotei: Top Phoenix Deck (T16)

On the other end of the spectrum from the Lion, the Phoenix at Atlanta only had four representatives, and had the lowest top-of-clan finisher, with Kevin Kennedy making 5-2 and finishing 16th place. He ran a City of Tears military deck:

City of Tears

Dynasty (40)
Celestials/Events/Regions (6)
1 Utaku Meadows
1 Imperial Census
1 Crossing the Forbidden Sea
1 The Loss of the Soul
1 Alter History
1 Shiba’s Guidance
Holdings (13)
3 Wooden Barricade
3 Silver Mine
3 Tsi Mokotsu
3 War Encampment
1 Traveling Peddler
Personalities (21)
3 Isawa Shioki
3 Agasha Gifu
3 Isawa Furiko
3 Isawa Tanuka
3 Agasha Kamarou
1 Isawa Mitsuko
1 Shiba Morihiko
1 Isawa Ochiai
1 Isawa Mizuhiko
1 Asako Bairei
1 Isawa Kimi

Fate (40)
Strategies (17)
3 Chasing Osano-Wo
3 Outer Walls
3 Obfuscation
3 Retribution
2 Sneak Attack
1 Subversive Whispers
1 Ultimate Sacrifice
1 The Thriving Light
Spells (15)
3 Consumed by Five Fires
3 Consumption by Fire
3 Wrath of Thunder
3 Scouring Flood
1 In Aikune’s Name
1 Unnatural Flood
1 Essence of Destruction
Items (4)
3 Rising Sun Blade
1 Armor of the Ryu
Followers (3)
3 Moto Hunters
Rings (1)
1 Ring of Air

As you can see, Kevin likes to Cav around fights early, and then blow stuff up later. Unfortunately, while this is a solid Phoenix archetype, Phoenix are all over the place these days, with lots of solid deck options but nothing that has risen above the rest so far, which makes it hard to decide what Phoenix decks are worth putting into a gauntlet.

You can discuss Kevin’s deck on the Strange Assembly forums (along with the other Atlanta T16 decks)
or on the Phoenix Clan Forums.

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