20 Festivals Checklist

  1. Forgotten Legacy
  2. Kaiu Watsuki xp
  3. Kakita Ibura
  4. Tamori Seiken xp
  5. Matsu Chizuki xp
  6. Yoritomo Matsuo xp
  7. Asako Tsunefasa xp
  8. Bayushi Toshimo xp
  9. Goju Yurishi xp2
  10. Moto Taigo xp2
  11. Aroru Sensei
  12. Chukage Sensei
  13. Chuuna Sensei
  14. Daigo Sensei
  15. Hakuseki Sensei
  16. Sahara Sensei
  17. Seijuro Sensei
  18. Tselu Sensei
  19. Yodo Sensei
  20. The Unassailable Fortress of the Crab
  21. The Esteemed Palace of the Crane
  22. The Fortified Monastery of the Dragon
  23. The Grand Halls of the Lion
  24. The Fruitful Port of the Mantis
  25. The Majestic Temple of the Phoenix
  26. The Shadowed Estate of the Scorpion
  27. The Hidden Bastion of the Spider
  28. The Endless Plains of the Unicorn

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