Now on Kickstarter – V20 Dark Ages Deluxe

Welcome to another one of our intermittent posts on whatever happens to be notable to my whimsy that’s up on Kickstarter right now. This time, I’m just picking out one thing, which is the super-deluxe V20 edition of Vampire: the Dark Ages. For reasons I can’t articulate, I enjoyed Vampire: Dark Ages quite a bit more than Dark Ages: Vampire, so I consider the title to be a good start.


Probably not a lot of subtle things to talk about here, so lets cover the basics – for $100 you get the super-mega-fancy, giant, leatherbound hard copy of the new version of Vampire: The Dark Ages. You also get a PDF copy and, at cost, a print-on-demand copy if you really want to get one right away and don’t want to wait for the deluxe version to get finished (or if you want to stash your fancy version on the shelf and play with the POD one). As one might expect, this one is already obliterating stretch goals left and right, with most stretch goals being additional supplemental materials (you get PDFs of all of this so long as you pledged at a level where you get the V20 DA as a PDF). $15 gets you the Storyteller’s Screen (if you were pledging for the physical book).

Although I was very satisfied with my fancy-pants V20 book (not a Kickstarter, because that wasn’t exactly a thing back then), I ended up not springing for the Mage 20th book – partially because the jump up to $135 made me wince just a little too much, and partially because Mage was always secondary to Vampire for me. But this one I am pretty sure I will not be able to keep away from …

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  1. The $35 difference isn’t just because of shipping, it’s also production. V20 Dark Ages is just short of 500 pages. V20 was 528 pages. Mage20 is closer to 600. So a lot of that goes into production of a substantial amount of extra pagecount.

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