Shadow’s Embrace Decklists #4

The Shadow’s Embrace environment is now gone, with Seeds of Decay taking over this weekend. But before TSE wanders all of the way off into the sunset, here are a few more decklists to ponder. Decklists here include the Worlds-winning Crab Berserker deck, Crane Scout Blitz, CrOni, Crane Dueling, and a couple of Crane Courtiers. More to come later.

Crab Berserker Blitz – Johann Sliva – Worlds 2012 Champion

Halls of the Forgotten
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harversters xp


3x Small Farm
3x Large farm
3x Blue Tanuki Bar

3x All That Will Be Lost
3x Too Close to Home
1x Times of Strife
1x Alter History
1x Topaz Championship

1x The Second City

3x Chiisai
3x Hida Bakari
3x Hida Bushotsu
3x Hiruma Nikaru
3x Hida Bakishi
1x Hida Nikaru xp
1x Hida Rikyu xp
1x Hida Kisada
1x Fukuzo

1x Jurojin’s bBessing
1x Blessings of the Shi Tien Yen Wang


3x Back to the Front
3x Spirit of the Berserker
3x One Koku
3x Ancient Feud
3x Duty of the Crab
3x Bar Fight
3x Feign Death
3x Reckless Rush
3x Deep Roots
2x Blind Rage
2x Unstopable Strike
2x Kuon’s Legacy
1x Serenity in Air
1x Peace
1x Creating Order
1x Game of Dice
1x The Fires of War

1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of the Void


 Crane Courtiers – Neal Ayungo – Turquoise Championships Winner

Kyuden Otomo xp
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters


1 Refuge of the Three Sisters

1 Doji’s Guidance
1 Hotei’s Contentment
1 Jurojin’s Blessing
1 Moon’s Imperative

1 Imperial Gift
1 Gaining Advantage
1 Boastful Proclamation
1 Turquoise Championship

1 Chugo Siedo
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Deeds and words
3 Shrine to the heavens
3 Market Place
3 Fortress Temple

1 Asahina Kitiaru
1 Otomo Demiyah
1 Kakita Munemori xp
1 Doji Makoto
2 Doji Shunya
2 Doji Tatsuki
2 Kakita Nara
3 Kakita Mae
3 Doji Dainagon
3 Doji Rengetsu


1 Asahina House Guard

1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of the Void

1 Pearl of Embers
1 Dazzling Attire

1 Peace
1 Remember Your Ancestors
1 Hidden Defense
1 Destructive Priorities
2 Social Grace
2 Shadowed Court
2 Rumors Travel
2 Duel of Haiku
2 Wall of Honor
2 The Empress’ Address
3 Accidental Confession
3 Inexplicable Challenge
3 Dismissing the Curr
3 Request Authorization
3 Rhetoric
3 The Courtesy of the Crane


Crane Courtiers – Ciaran Brosnan – New Zealand WC

Kyuden Otomo • Experienced
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters • Experienced

Dynasty – (40)

Celestial – (1)
1x Doji’s Guidance • Experienced

Event – (2)
1x Gaining Advantage
1x Imperial Gift

Holding – (14)
3x Governor’s Court
3x Marketplace
1x Recruitment Officer
2x Second City Dojo
3x Temple Fortress
1x The Seekers’ Temple
1x Traveling Peddler

Personality – (22)
1x Asahina Kitiaru
3x Daidoji Sosuke
3x Doji Dainagon
1x Doji Makoto
3x Doji Rengetsu
3x Doji Shunya
3x Kakita Kae
1x Kakita Munemori • Experienced
3x Kakita Seishi
1x Miya Masatsuko

Region – (1)
1x The Second City

Fate – (40)

Follower – (1)
1x Asahina House Guard

Item – (3)
2x Dazzling Attire
1x Pearl of Embers

Ring – (3)
1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of the Void

Strategy – (33)
1x A Game of Dice
3x Accidental Confession
3x Desperate Mediation
1x Destructive Priorities
3x Dismissing the Cur
2x Entrenched Position
1x Fruitless Search
2x Hidden Defenses
1x Peace
2x Remember Your Ancestors
3x Request Authorization
2x Rhetoric
3x Social Grace
3x The Empress’ Address
1x The Heir’s Wrath
2x The Host’s Advantage


Crane Dueling – Daniel Dreiszinger – Montreal Rebuildig the 10K Winner

Twin Forks City
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvesters XP

Dynasty 41

x1 Ryoshun’s Guidance
x1 Benten’s Blissing
x1 Imperial Gift
x1 Formal Apology
x1 Glory of the Shogun

x3 Jungle Stockade
x2 Recruitment Officer
x3 Marketplace
x2 Humble Farm
x1 Shrine to Hachiman
x1 Chugo Seido
x1 The Seekers’ Temple
x1 Traveling Peddler
x1 Stone of Remembrance

x2 Doji Shigeyuki
x3 Takayuki
x3 Masatane
x3 Kakita Saki
x1 Doji Makoto
x1 Doji Hakuseki
x1 Kakita Tadanobu
x1 Daigotsu Hotako
x1 Makito
x1 Chikara
x1 Kuronada
x1 Isawa Mitsuko
x1 Tsuruchi Tomaru
x1 Shosuro Aroru

Fate 40

x3 Steel on Steel
x3 Awed Witness
x2 Reckless Duel
x2 Spirit of the Duelist
x2 Of One Instant
x2 Sundering Strike
x2 Heart of Darkness
x2 Sneak Attack
x2 Sudden Movement
x3 Hidden Defences
x1 Caught Unawares
x1 Serenity in Air
x1 Fruitless Search
x1 A Game of Dice
x1 Creating Order

x1 Blade of Champions
x2 Modifications
x3 Wyrmbone Katana
x2 Legion of Pain

x1 Ring of Air
x1 Ring of Fire
x1 Ring of Water
x1 Ring of Earth


Crane Scout Blitz – José Esteban – Worlds Second Chance T2

Hidden Falls Dojo
Border Keep Exp
Bamboo Harvesters Exp


1 x Ryoshun’s Guidance
1 x Jurojin’s Blessing

3 x Small Farm
2 x Marketplace

3 x Too Close to Home
3 x All That Will Be Lost
1 x Formal Apology
1 x Alter History
1 x Topaz Championship
1 x Imperial Gift

3 x Daidoji Narizane
3 x Daidoji Tsunehiko
3 x Daidoji Kenshi
3 x Uta
3 x Shikaro
3 x Keppo
3 x Gozu
1 x Daidoji Akeha
1 x Daidoji Yuki


2 x Burn the Towers
3 x Scouting the Pass
3 x Know Their Minds
3 x Know No Fear
3 x Courtesy of the Crane
3 x Unstable Ground
3 x Strategic Strike
2 x Caught in the Act
2 x Precision
1 x Serenity in Air
1 x Firm Censure
1 x Mysterious Deaths
1 x Unstoppable Strike
1 x Creating Order
1 x Game of Dice

3 x Hiruma Sniper
3 x Gozu’s Guide

3 x Ritual Dagger

1 x Ring of Fire
1 x Ring of Earth

CrOni – Tomasz Gala – Worlds made the cut

# Stronghold (1)
Shinden Asahina
Bamboo Harvesters – exp
Border Keep – exp

# Dynasty (40)

# Celestial (1)
1 Jurojin’s Blessing

# Event (7)
1 Burning Dreams
1 Distant Expansion
1 Formal Apology
1 Gaining Advantage
1 Harsh Choices
1 Signs and Portents
1 The Emerald Championship

# Holding (9)
3 Forgotten Outpost
3 Prosperous Village
3 Temple to the Elements

# Personality (22)
3 Asahina Munefusa
1 Chuda Hitaka – exp
3 Gozaru no Oni
3 Iuchi Yuri
3 Kakita Saki
3 Kakita Seishi
3 Niiro no Oni
3 Raido no Oni

# Region (1)
1 The Second City

# Fate (40)

# Ring (1)
1 Ring of the Void

# Spell (3)
3 I Give You My Name

# Strategy (36)
2 A Brave New World
1 A Game of Dice
2 A Yojimbo’s Duty
3 Amazing Feat
1 Creating Order
3 Deep Roots
2 Face of Ninube
3 Hidden Defenses
3 Nakanu Technique
3 Power of Strength
1 Renewal
2 Retribution
2 Sneak Attack
3 The Courtesy of the Crane
2 The Height of Courage
3 Undetectable Enemy


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